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August 4, 2003

Vol.189 / No.3
William ONeillAugust 04, 2003

To its ldquo cultured despisers rdquo Schleiermacher rsquo s felicitous term Christianity might well seem occupied with turning guile into guilt In Conscience Across Borders Vernon Ruland S J who teaches at the University of San Francisco has written a bracing rejoinder to those who think

Richard R. GaillardetzAugust 04, 2003

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, marriage has offered a set of images helpful in illuminating our communal relationship with God. Whether it is Israel’s covenant with Yahweh or the church’s bond with Christ, the nuptial images of bride and bridegroom have long helped believers reflect u

The Word
Dianne BergantAugust 04, 2003

It is so easy to get a meal nowadays You don rsquo t have to ldquo waste rdquo time shopping and preparing All you have to do is stop at a fast food place You don rsquo t even have to go in Just stay in the car drive through and food is handed to you But things are quite different when you

Patrick LangAugust 04, 2003

What is truth? John the Evangelist attributes this question to Pilate in his examination of Jesus. Pilate was expressing his frustration over the unpleasant reality that the man before him was probably innocent of the charge of treason to the Roman state, but that it would nevertheless be necessary,

Victor FerkissAugust 04, 2003

Empire looks like a coffee-table book Handsomely produced on slick paper replete with copious illustrations and maps it was originally published as a companion volume to a BBC television series One would expect its contents to be bland reflective of conventional wisdom One would be fooled how


Report Details Decades of Abuse, Failure of Leadership’ in BostonA 91-page report detailing the sexual abuse of at least 789 children by 250 priests or other workers of the Archdiocese of Boston since 1940 documents a massive, inexcusable failure of leadership in the archdiocese, Massachusetts

Faith in Focus
Lorraine V. MurrayAugust 04, 2003

It is the first rehearsal for the Emory University Chorus, and I am sitting in a seat in a huge classroom next to a college student who beams me a shy grin and tells me her name is Jeanna. My husband and I have been singing in our tiny church choir for years, but we have been eager to stretch our wi