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July 15, 2002

Vol.187 / No.2
John Jay HughesJuly 15, 2002

With Popes and Politics Justus Lawler has written two books His first four chapters analyze recent works about Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust His final three chapters address issues of church renewal and reform So massive has been the devastation inflicted on the memory of Pius XII by Rolf Hochhu

Kelly Kester-SmithJuly 15, 2002

On the Friday morning just before Mother’s Day, a group of children and caretakers board a chartered bus in a South Central Los Angeles neighborhood. One expects to hear a free-spirited ruckus, but the mood on the bus is oddly quiet and contemplative. These children are not, as one might guess

The Word
John R. DonahueJuly 15, 2002

This has got to stop Why doesn rsquo t somebody do something about this The refrains are heard from family kitchens to rec rooms of religious communities perhaps more frequently Jesus rsquo followers were no different Jesus compares God rsquo s kingdom to the work of a sower who sows good se

The EditorsJuly 15, 2002

Ohio’s school voucher program survived in the Supreme Court because five justices took into account all the educational choices Ohio provided for parents, not just the voucher choice. In the 1970’s and 80’s, the court looked only at the individual programs under challenge. Since mo

Our readersJuly 15, 2002

Inquisitorial Witch Hunts

The editorial Toward Dallas (5/27) contains many thought-provoking concepts for structural changes that I pray our church leaders will consider and implement during their upcoming meeting in Dallas. The church has been guilty of hiding behind the

Of Many Things
John W. DonohueJuly 15, 2002

Jimmy Carter, who learned Spanish in the Navy, found a special use for that skill in 1969, when he was a state senator in Georgia. In that year he worked for some days as a Southern Baptist lay evangelist in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood of Springfield, Mass.In a speech at the University of Havana

John B. BreslinJuly 15, 2002

I first began reading Ian McEwan when Black Dogs came out a decade ago subsequently I started collecting and reading all his novels Combining a shrewd narrative sense with acute psychology he often manages to pick subjects that push him and his reader into the borderlands of ordinary life where t