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June 3, 2002

Vol.186 / No.19
Arts & Culture Books
Stephen J. DuffyJune 03, 2002

Andrew Delbanco has persuasively argued in his book The Death of Satan How Americans Lost Their Sense of Evil that the word evil has all but vanished from the American vocabulary and with it the symbols once used to articulate our experience of evil In the wake of the tragic events of last Septemb

Thomas J. McCarthyJune 03, 2002

My working life is not all that hectic or stressful, but that hasn’t stopped me from fantasizing about retirement. I have never golfed and don’t especially want to, but I nevertheless enjoy imagining the feeling of strolling idly through verdant fairways and over footbridges that span gl

The Word
John R. DonahueJune 03, 2002

While last Sunday rsquo s readings stress the gifts of God that guide Christian life the readings today stress the need to reach out to others The passage from Exodus introduces the whole sojourn of the wandering people at Sinai where God announces that they are to remember God rsquo s saving dee

Faith in Focus

My cat Goose died last autumn. I miss him. In his seven short years on earth, Goose reveled in the quotidian routine of the domestic feline. He ate, slept, purred, stretched, chased his twin brother Maverick around the house and slept some more. He basked in the sun, ran from the vacuum cleaner and

The clerical sexual abuse scandals in Boston and elsewhere have brought home how far the Catholic Church still has to go in receiving into its life the Second Vatican Council, nearly 40 years after that council’s close. The council devoted itself, quite deliberately, to the nature and mission

Mary Jo BaneJune 03, 2002

Disclosures about sexual abuse among priests and coverups by the hierarchy have elicited, at least in Boston, levels of lay dissatisfaction and anger that rival the response to Humanae Vitae, the birth control encyclical issued in the summer of 1968. An interesting question now is whether lay reacti

Brian J. StevensJune 03, 2002

As a failed coup attempt in December 2001 delivered yet another wound to Haiti conventional wisdom again declared the Caribbean nation to be almost an economic and political wastelandracked by violence and devoid of all hope and promise But in Beverly Bell rsquo s new collection of 38 spoken-word e