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October 22, 2001

Vol.185 / No.12
Robert F. DrinanOctober 22, 2001

The trial of Slobodan Milosevic dramatizes the new worldwide demand for accountability for public officials who violate internationally recognized human rights That demand is behind the international court and may soon be ratified by enough votes to make it operational worldwide These momentous ev

David HollenbachOctober 22, 2001

Many in the religious community, including the Catholic community, have called attention to two dimensions of the background for the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11: the economic and the political. Their voices need to be listened to carefully if we are to avoid misguided responses to those tragic eve

The Word
John R. DonahueOctober 22, 2001

This year a special poignancy attends our annual celebration of the communion of the saints as we recall the saints triumphant and mourn loved ones who have died Wave after wave of images of death destruction and seemingly unending rituals of funerals and memorial services wash over our conscious

Of Many Things
David S. ToolanOctober 22, 2001

It’s almost a matter of pride among today’s journalists to show contempt for theology. When The Times’s Thomas Friedman wants to ridicule some proposal as ideological, captious or absurd, he refers to it as driven by “theology.” In contrast, cultural critics like Louis

The EditorsOctober 22, 2001

The welfare reform law of 1996 comes up for reauthorization by Congress a year from now. When enacted, it represented an end to the three-decades-old entitlement to public assistance for poor Americans, who have subsequently been pushed toward work in the expectation that they would become self-suff

Faith in Focus
Thea Kielt JarvisOctober 22, 2001

We’ve had two new grandchildren born in the space of a month. Round, rosy bundles of health, they are welcome additions to our growing family. We are blessed and humbled by the gift of their little lives. Initially, the grandma gig was a frightening possibility, not unlike parenting the first

Lucien RichardOctober 22, 2001

Dorothee Soelle is well known for her seminal book on suffering Entitled simply Suffering it provoked much-needed discussion on the relation of theology to suffering In the winter years of a long career as a theologian as an activist in peace and ecological movements as an opponent of every for