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September 10, 2001

Vol.185 / No.6
Rita George TvrtkovicSeptember 10, 2001

A study by Creighton University’s Center for Marriage and Family in 1999 indicates that today roughly 40 percent of all Catholics marry non-Catholics.


Israeli Troops Enter Village, Make Night ‘Like Hell’Night in the mainly Christian village of Beit Jalla was “like hell,” said the Rev. Yacoub Abdel Nur, pastor of Annunciation Catholic Church, after Israeli forces entered the village. “It was terrible; nobody could slee

James S. TorrensSeptember 10, 2001

In the era of air travel and bullet trains what most people understand by ldquo pilgrimage rdquo says Anne McPherson is ldquo a beeline trip to a distant goal rdquo She herself has lived by an older French notion ldquo walking to the saints rdquo For the pilgrims to the shrine of St Jam

The EditorsSeptember 10, 2001

This year is the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees—a body of international law aimed at ensuring the rights of people fleeing persecution and civil unrest. Overshadowing the celebratory note appropriate to such an occasion, however, is the fac

The Word
John R. DonahueSeptember 10, 2001

The parables of Luke 15 often called ldquo The Gospel within the Gospel rdquo epitomize Luke rsquo s message of forgiveness and repentance These motifs appear more frequently in Luke than in any other Gospel Zechariah heralds the coming of the Lord who will bring forgiveness of sin 1 77 an

Our readersSeptember 10, 2001

Complete PersonThanks for an excellent article on “The Church and Psychiatry” (7/30). When the idea of becoming a Catholic priest first took hold of me, I ran away, much like Jonah. I decided to go into professional psychology instead. In working on my Ph.D. in clinical psychology I foun

Thomas A. ShannonSeptember 10, 2001

The international team of Panayiotis Zavos, of the University of Kentucky, and Servino Antinori of Rome, Italy, and a group called the Raelians, who think humans were made by aliens using genetic technologies, have both announced that they are moving forward on the human cloning project. The Raelian