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October 28, 2000

Vol.183 / No.13
The Word
John R. DonahueOctober 28, 2000

People often wonder What does it mean to be a good Catholic A cacophony of voices shouts answers go to Mass every Sunday obey the teaching of the pope be concerned about the poor and about injustice in the world experience the gifts of God rsquo s Spirit In an age of hyper-communication Catho

Faith in Focus
Deborah French FrisherOctober 28, 2000

I was a substitute teacher, and he was a 13-year-old boy. His face, still chubby with childhood, was framed by greased black hair that formed two spit curls at his temples. First he came and told me that he could not participate in physical education class that day because he would get his shoes mud

Francis X. Clooney, S.J.October 28, 2000

Dominus Iesus, published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, of which Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is prefect, is an instruction about the identity of Christ, the integral interconnection of Christ, revelation and the church, and consequently (in the sections to which I restrict my comme


Bush Opposes Abortion, Supports Death Penalty Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush reiterated his opposition to abortion and support for school choice but disagreed with Catholic stands on the death penalty and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in a wide-ranging interview with Catholic

Drew ChristiansenOctober 28, 2000

There was a time not long ago when neither religion nor politics was discussed in polite company These emotionally charged topics were taboo Today when people actually have time to take dinner together and linger long enough for real conversation talk of politics and religion may often be over

The EditorsOctober 28, 2000

The Vatican document Dominus Iesus has been poorly received by Christians and non-Christians with whom Catholics have been in dialogue for the last 35 years. Although experts will debate its theological arguments in the months to come, it was the general tone of the document that upset most of our d

Francis A. SullivanOctober 28, 2000

Although the major theme of the document Dominus Iesus, which was issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on Sept. 5, concerns the role of Christ and his church in the salvation of people who do not share Christian faith, the strongest reactions to it have come from spokespersons of