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July 1, 2000

Vol.183 / No.1
George M. AndersonJuly 01, 2000

Two opposing tides are at work in the world of immigration in the United States. On the one hand, the harsh provisions of the 1996 immigration lawthe Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Acthave made the lives of both documented and undocumented immigrants more difficult. On the


Catholic Official Hails A.M.A. Vote as Protecting Conscience RightsThe American Medical Association’s rejection of a resolution aimed at forcing Catholic hospitals to provide sterilizations and contraception was a vote in support of freedom of conscience, said the Rev. Michael D. Place, presid

Peter HeineggJuly 01, 2000

O K post-Christian we rsquo ve read our Nietzsche postmodern the MLA insists on it postcolonial goes without saying post-structuralist ho-hum but post-cultural Can Christopher Clausen an English professor at Penn State be serious Indeed he can First assume that culture in the old s

Terry GolwayJuly 01, 2000

This year’s parades will be a test of the great new arrangement in Northern Ireland. The new power-sharing government is back in business in Belfast, and one day people will find it hard to believe that it could be otherwise. In that perhaps not-so-distant day, full-fledged citizens of the thi

The Word
John R. DonahueJuly 01, 2000

The readings plunge us into the middle of a shouting match Amaziah a priest of the royal shrine of Bethel in Israel the northern kingdom is throwing out Amos a Judean prophet telling him to go home and make a living Amos replies that he is no prophet that is no court prophet in employ of t

Of Many Things
David S. ToolanJuly 01, 2000

Next to religious leaders, the New Testament is hardest on the rich. Serving God and Mammon don’t mix, we are told. Getting a rich man to heaven is about as easy as passing a camel through the eye of a needle. And so on. But as the son of a rich man, I want you to know there’s another si