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May 6, 2000

Vol.182 / No.16
Terry GolwayMay 06, 2000

When word leaked out that ABC television had commissioned the actor Leonardo DiCaprio to interview President Clinton for a special Earth Day broadcast, the network’s top news executives huffed and puffed and said that surely nobody at ABC news would be so stupidtheir word, not mineto enlist a

John A. ColemanMay 06, 2000

Catholic Identity is a sociological study of activist pro-change Catholics It focuses mainly on three groups Dignity which contests the hierarchy rsquo s teaching on the morality of homogenital activity Women rsquo s Ordination ConferenceW O C committed to the ordination of women and Catholic

Our readersMay 06, 2000

Bears Bearing ArmsBishop Michael W. Warfel (4/15) really does have a problem if he has an acquaintance who encountered a charging bear with a firearm. Dangerous place, Alaska! Joking aside, the article was great.Victor WhelanMobile, Ala.More Daily BreadThe article by Ron Hansen, My Daily Bread (3/18

John P. McCarthyMay 06, 2000

The merger of America Online and Time Warner, announced in January and scheduled to close in the fall, is a monumental union by any reckoning. In dollar terms$165 billionit is among the largest corporate mergers ever. And to overstate its importance for the communications and entertainment industrie

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonMay 06, 2000

I’ve already read that, someone answered when I asked whether he had read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. What did you think of it? Oh, it was so long ago I can’t rememberit was in college, came the answer. Why not read it again, then? A blank look, as if to imply that it would be a waste

The Word
John R. DonahueMay 06, 2000

One of the most frequent subjects of early Christian art is Jesus the Good Shepherd an image that often combines elements from the parable of the Lost Sheep Lk 15 1-7 with Jesus rsquo self-description in John 10 The beautiful fresco in Rome rsquo s catacomb of St Domitilla is representative

The EditorsMay 06, 2000

There is a season for everythingfor planting and building, and for uprooting and tearing down. The protesters who swarmed through the streets of Washington, D.C., over the weekend of April 14-16, during the meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, seemed more interested in tear