Our readers April 20, 2018
I didn’t realize the editors of America want the repeal of the Second Amendment.
Our readers April 06, 2018
There are many pseudo-Catholic “pro-life” groups out there who are nothing but fronts for far-right political advocates.
Our readers March 23, 2018
As a chaplain for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, I find suicide is a pervasive part of my work.
Our readers March 09, 2018
“The author seems to think he understands China better than we do.”
Our readers February 23, 2018
I am a former longtime Democrat of more than 30 years and very reluctantly registered as a Republican several years ago primarily because of the party’s support for laws to protect the innocent unborn from the violence of legal abortion.
Our readers February 09, 2018
This is an excellent editorial, bringing the findings of a well-constructed study into the social justice discussion.