Our readers October 04, 2019
‘I take that to mean the true in persona Christi role is not exercising special powers but witnessing that even the worst can be saved.’
America Staff July 16, 2019
Szybist will be awarded the $25,000 George W. Hunt, S.J., Prize at a ceremony in September.
America Media | A Jesuit Ministry
America Staff June 24, 2019
America Media won top awards for best magazine, best website and best podcast.
Our readers May 03, 2019
As a Catholic educator I agree that college is not for everyone.
Our readers March 22, 2019
Thank you, Father Martin, for articulating so eloquently the consistent ethic of life expressed by our Catholic social teaching.
Our readers March 22, 2019
“For many years, I read only the weekly readings at Mass. As I got older, I became a lot more engaged in reading and meditating on what I read.”