America Films May 24, 2019
What does the process of seeking asylum look like? Why are people willing to risk their lives and what are they leaving behind?
America Films May 24, 2019
In this episode of Sunday to Sunday, we pay tribute the Rev. James V. Matthew's great witness as a preacher and his devotion to the Oakland community.
America Films May 09, 2019
Join producer Colleen Dulle and Tina Bovermann of L’Arche USA for a conversation about Mr. Vanier’s life and legacy.
America Films May 08, 2019
Pope Francis revealed that the commission he set up two years ago to examine the role of women in the early church did not reach agreement on the question of women deacons.
America Films April 29, 2019
Award-winning poet and memoirist Mary Karr joins James Martin, S.J., on Faith in Focus.
America Films April 28, 2019
Fr. Hans Zollner, S.J. is on the front lines of the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.