America Films December 12, 2019
Eric Sundrup, S.J., and Paddy Gilger, S.J., answer some of the Internet's most searched questions about Jesus.
America Films November 12, 2019
Watch talks by James Martin, S.J., Sr. Peggy O'Neill and more here.
America Films October 22, 2019
The first week of the Amazon synod brought several surprises: conversations about ordaining married men to the priesthood and women to the diaconate, and a new level of integration between the bishops and indigenous participants in the synod hall.
America Films October 21, 2019
Join America’s Colleen Dulle and Fr. Roc O’Connor, S.J., one of the St. Louis Jesuits and the composer of “Lift Up Your Hearts,” for a conversation on the group’s legacy—and where Catholic music is going next.
America Films October 21, 2019
Meet Mary Szybist, poet, teacher, and recipient of the 2019 George W. Hunt, S. J., Prize for Journalism, Arts & Letters. Ms. Szybist's collection of poems, "Incarnadine," explores her forging a new relationship with the imagery surrounding the Annunciation.
America Films October 16, 2019

Father Jude Siciliano, O.P. and Sister Patricia Bruno, O.P. call themselves the Dominican Preaching team and they travel the country preaching parish retreats and giving scripture workshops.

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