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America Podcasts September 12, 2008
Mark Stricherz, author of Why The Democrats are Blue: Secular Liberalism and the Decline of the People’s Party, recalls the Catholic bosses of the post-war era who helped to transform the Democratic party and advance the cause of Civil Rights.
America Podcasts September 05, 2008
Matt Malone, S.J., and Michael Sean Winters look back at the party conventions and ahead to the final 60 days of the campaign.
America Podcasts September 04, 2008
Donna Freitas, the author of Sex and the Soul, talks about her new young adult novel, The Possibilities of Sainthood.
America Podcasts August 28, 2008
Uwe E. Reinhardt discusses health care reform. Listen to this episode
America Podcasts August 26, 2008
Sister Regina Bechtle, S.C. discusses the life and work of this uniquely American saint. Listen to this episode
America Podcasts August 07, 2008
Camille D’Arienzo talks about her article in the August 18-25 issue of America, “Mercy Toward Our Fathers.” Listen to this episode