New Media

Elizabeth Elliott March 26, 2012

Every day on Facebook and Twitter, people ask for prayers for their loved ones. Others spread the message through status updates and Twitter feeds.

Jack McLain February 21, 2011

A Jesuit priest reviews his favorite Catholic apps

David E. Nantais October 12, 2009

Technology does not make people smarter, but it can help them to connect to a cause in which they believe.

Mark Bauerlein October 12, 2009

For adolescenets, iPods and smart phones are more than just consumer goods. They are signs and instruments of status.

Robert Barron May 25, 2009
Newly appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles Robert Barron on today's virtual Areopagus
Jake Martin May 18, 2009
Facebook is just another way of giving people the illusion that they are participating in the world without having to leave their bedroom or cubicle.