Jim McDermott July 13, 2017
Last month, Disney announced that it would remove the "wench auction" from its popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Some fans were not happy.
Promotional photograph of John Clements and Ralph Richardson in the 1939 film, The Four Feathers
Raymond A. Schroth, S.J., America's books editor, considers shifting masculine ideals in film and literature.
Image via Starz
Wyatt Massey June 08, 2017
One of attractions to a show like “American Gods” is that it purposefully toys with that concept of belief.
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Wyatt Massey May 24, 2017
What type of god would force us to believe? Can we even be forced to believe?
Raymond A. Schroth, S.J. April 24, 2017
A discerning critic of the American project has become a prophet for our time.
Photo: Todd Heisler
Teresa Donnellan April 12, 2017
Michael Wilson, a graduate of Loyola New Orleans, wrote the New York Times column "Crime Scene" for the past six years.