America Journeys

America Staff March 02, 2019
How do we leave this joyfully? We are called to return to our homes and share what we had experienced.
America Staff February 28, 2019
Two thousand years ago, our God entered into this beautiful chaos of our world, here, in Bethlehem. 
James Martin, S.J. February 27, 2019
Today, we visited the Baptismal site at Qasr Al Yahoud, which holds the oldest and most ancient tradition for being the place of Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist in the Jordan River.
America Staff February 26, 2019
It felt as if I was alone, except for the presence of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalena.
America Staff February 25, 2019
Jesus' divine nature emerges as he begins his public ministry. But did the people see this?
America Staff February 25, 2019
This humble man, quiet and (in my opinion) vastly unnoticed and under appreciated, responded with faith to a dream. Joseph didn't have an angel standing in front of him; he had a dream.