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August 24, 2018

As the Catholic Church is rocked by yet another series of sex abuse and misconduct scandals, America Media has devoted significant attention and resources to covering the crisis. Utilizing the expertise of our editors, reporters, contributors and other staff (including Jesuit priests, seminarians and brothers) America is providing interpretive and expository information on this newest iteration of the Church’s sex abuse crisis—ranging from simple “explainers” for unacquainted readers, viewers and listeners to in-depth, technical analyses of issues like canon law, the structure of dioceses, official church titles and offices, and more. And, most important, we have sought to present the voices and experiences of sex abuse survivors, as well as “people in the pews” who have been deeply affected by these scandals.

Media outlets seeking to consult with America editors, reporters or contributors can contact America Media by phone at (212) 581-4640 and by email at america@americamedia.org, or via Facebook or Twitter (@americamag). 

Some examples of America’s coverage over the past month include:

- A summary and explainer of the crisis by America staff on Aug. 22: “Church sex abuse crisis: What you need to know.

- An op-ed by retired bishop of St. Petersburg, Fla., Robert N. Lynch, on Aug. 22, encouraging greater transparency from the bishops: “Dear brother bishops: the time for closed doors is over.

- A column by America editor in chief Fr. Matt Malone, S.J., on Aug. 21: “The plague of sexual abuse is worse than you think.” 

- An explanatory essay by America contributor Nathan Schneider on Aug. 21 decrying efforts by some Catholics to blame gay Catholic priests for the sex abuse crisis: “Don’t blame the sex abuse crisis on queer Catholics.

- An essay by Father Terrance Klein on Aug. 22 on the question: “Why do some Catholics stay?

- An editorial from America on Aug. 17: “A crisis that is far from over: how the church can respond to sexual abuse.

- An essay by America editor and sex abuse survivor Vivian Cabrera from Aug. 16: “My prayer for fellow survivors of abuse.

- A story by America reporter Michael J. O’Loughlin on Aug. 14: “Pennsylvania report documents over 1,000 victims of priest abuse.

These stories and many more can be accessed at America’s “special topics” page on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church here, or by contacting America directly by phone at (212) 581-4640 and by email at america@americamedia.org.

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Lisa Manico