May 27, 2013

Vol. 208 / No. 18

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John F. BaldovinMarch 17, 2014

The liturgical vision of Vatican II 50 years later

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.May 16, 2013

As I approach the first anniversary of my ordination next month, my friends and family have started to ask about the experience of being a priest: whether the first year was what I expected it to be, whether I’ve learned anything new. To be sure, there have been many moments in which I’v

Our readersMay 16, 2013

Unfortunate WordingAs the father of a gay daughter, I read Of Many Things (4/22) with great interest. Matt Malone, S.J., asks all of us “to listen to how the church can be more supportive of gay and lesbian people while remaining faithful to its tradition.”Perhaps one place where dogma a

The EditorsMay 16, 2013

Online courses present a unique opportunity for religious educators.

Faith in Focus
Valerie SchultzMay 16, 2013

My mother now lives in a place called The Village. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, but perhaps a village can be helpful at any age. It certainly seems our family requires the help of this village to care for our mother. She lives in the part of The Village labeled “a

Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.December 10, 2013

'A Man of Misconceptions' profiles a 17th century Jesuit polymath

John A. ColemanDecember 10, 2013

For 100 years, the Catholic Church played a key role in San Francisco politics and culture.