Should all popes be canonized?

Should all popes be canonized?

An assistant postulator for saints' causes explains the potential difficulties of canonizing many popes.

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Nicholas Clifford
4 years 8 months ago
I hope this is not a serious question. Wouldn't we then have to do a massive retrospective canonization, including the likes of Alexander VI, Julius II, and so on.
James Lawton
4 years 8 months ago
I agree with the video. The canonization of recent popes smacks of Academy Awardism, i.e. insiders choosing other insiders to honor. Are they doing so in the hope that they will be similarly honored by their successors?
William Atkinson
4 years 8 months ago
Why not canonize all catholic leaders, catholic theologians, matter of fact canonize all catholics give or take a few that haven't supported the church. I can think of very recent popes that canonization would bring a bit of shame to the church. Maybe the church should move from canonization of the dead to canonizing the living, what about canonizing future popes and even make believe popes. Would money be the best determination for canonization. Then there is the opposite of canonization, start recognizing all those souls in Dante's inferno and as history brings evidence of demoralizing factors and butchery of evil popes and picture them with horns and flashing red broken halos. I once heard a priest giving a preaching tirade oh how Judas was burning in Hell, after service I confronted him on the fact that Jesus loved Judas and the probability that there was great forgiveness was high, and that thru the centuries the church really doesn't condemn peoples to hell, purgatory or even limbo even though there probably are a few popes, cardinals, and bishops residing down or over or up there. Speaking of Academy awards this canonization subject makes for good entertainment movie material; some great producers should pic-up on this, would make a great TV, Internet series.
Frank Bergen
4 years 8 months ago
I'd suggest a moratorium of at least a century before any more popes' causes can be introduced. Then and only then might it be possible to proceed with some reasonable historical perspective. I agree completely with Fr. Lindeijer's opinion that canonization should be for the future of the church, not the posthumous honoring of the candidate. Some, and I count myself among them, would consider today that John Paul belongs to the ages past, rather than the church to come. John xxiii is another story, but he'd have been happy to wait.
Jim MacGregor
4 years 8 months ago
Does this mean recognizing the unbroken line from Peter of the popes at Avignon and canonizing them also?


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