Report from the March for Life

Report from the March for Life

As thousands arrive in Washington for the 40th March for Life, the event has a joyful energy mixed with a serious undertone.

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Carlos Orozco
4 years 8 months ago
The corporate mainstream media almost completely ignored 400,000+ people marching on Washington. CNN, for example (you know, the guys that take pride of not being FoxNews nor MSNBC), considered more newsworthy the tiresome Manti Te'o story and the hospitalization of Burt Reynold due to the flu, than the March for Life 2013 outside their Washington bureau. The next day, however, they went Live with a much smaller (and unenergetic) demonstation on the same National Mall. Just the previous weekend, within their three day coverage of the Oath of office of the President, the same cable channel had Pulitzer-prize gems such as a 5 minute segment on how one could exercise to have the athletic arms of the First Lady, and an interview with a child psychologist on the groundbreaking subject of the effect on the Obama girls of eight years in the White House. Fortunately, social media countered the corporate blackout ( with its characteristic rich and fresh perspectives, along with healty sarcasm such as: "@ABC @NBCNews @CNN @FoxNews @msnbc Hot News Tip: Quick there are 500,000 people Marching on the Nations Capitol #MarchforLife #RealNews," tweeted @CatholicMomHunt on Friday.
Michael Ward
4 years 8 months ago
Carlos..why? They are part of the "infrastructure". Just like when then NYT reporter Linda Greehouse used to cover the March and the issue after marching on the the "other side" with NARAL or NOW or something. It has been this way "hard" for at least 20 years...and getting worse I'm afraid. They feel this issue slipping and they are at a loss to explain it.


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