Pope Benedict's New Home

Pope Benedict's New Home

Images of the Vatican monastery where Pope Benedict XVI will live as soon as remodeling is completed.

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5 years 3 months ago
Anyone who witnessed the last years of John Paul II’s slow and painful decline in health should be very grateful to Pope Benedict for his humility to admit that he doesn’t want the final years of his papacy to be similar to his predecessor’s. He has done the Church a great favor in resigning and living out his final years in dignity. As Benedict the Abbot said, "Ut in ominbus glorificetur Deus!"
5 years 3 months ago
Pope Benedict’s resignation is an innovative change in the papacy. He’s set a precedent that will make it possible and probable that future popes will voluntarily set limits to the years they serve as pope. A man of 65 or so could serve for ten years and then step aside. The exact number of years can be tweaked a bit of course but something akin to a term of office makes a lot of sense in this modern world. Taking a lesson from our own ex-presidents who accomplish much in their post presidential years perhaps wise and experienced men who are ex-popes could do similarly. In the end the pope holds two jobs. One he is the universal pastor of the Catholic Church. Secondly he is the international head of one of the largest global diplomatic (with a gospel value twist) corps in the world. At present his role as the head bishop ought to be seeing to it that bishops everywhere are simply good bishops. As world leader he simply needs to influence other world leaders to have a moral compass which profoundly respects human dignity.
Marie Rehbein
5 years 3 months ago
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