Gays and the Catholic Church

Gays and the Catholic Church

Deacon and blogger Greg Kandra discusses misconceptions about Catholic teaching on homosexuality.

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Christian Peschken
4 years 8 months ago
The quote from Pope Francis is totally out of context (not the full text ). Anything the Holy Father says in regards to the churches viewpoint needs to be seen always in context with the entire teachings / docrines of the church, including Vatican II clearifications and Catechism. The Deacon's statement (paraphrased) " The churches teachings on Homosexuality is the same like for Non Homosexuals", is very misleading. Yes, the church, loves the sinner.. but hates and condemns the sin, and her mission is to assist the sinner to ask God for forgiveness (confession) and turn away from her/his sins and 'go and sin no more' . The church does by no means support the homosexual lifestyle or encourages people to continue that lifestyle. I certainly agree with Pope Francis " Who am I to judge" (He spoke about Homosexual priest by the way).
Dominic Meehan
4 years 8 months ago
If a person, whatever their sexual orientation or marital status, are good people actively seeking God, then we must assume they are trying to live in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church? And as such can only be judged by an all loving, compassionate God. We are all, married, single (gay&straight),religious called to live lives of chaste celibacy; married people remain chaste by their commitment to their spouse, single people commit to celibacy until marriage. We all know that this, in many cases, isn't the reality, non the less, that is what we are called to and what, if we are seeking God in honesty, strive toward. Homosexual acts cannot occur within marriage since marriage by definition occurs between a man and a woman and these acts can never be life giving since they can never produce life. As members of the 'Body of Christ' we are called to be compassionate, show love and support where possible to everyone trying to live good lives seeking God. We all struggle in our relationships, married, gay/straight single, religious and we all need help...if we judge or are being judged it is impossible to help! With regards homosexual priests; the issue is one of chaste celibacy, if a priest is faithful to his promise to remain celibate his sexual orientation is not an issue. All priests, gay and straight, are called to celibacy!


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