A View from the CIA

January 6-13, 2014 Podcast

Ray McGovern, an analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency for nearly 30 years, talks about his service on the daily briefing teams for Presidents Nixon, Ford and Reagan. He also responds to "Good Intelligence," an editorial in America (11/18) on the expansion of U.S. intelligence agencies in the last decade, and he describes some of the challenges the C.I.A. faces today.

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Christopher Rushlau
3 years 10 months ago

Study of language is a good way to learn that things exist in themselves. If two languages have different words for the same thing, it encourages you to believe that there is such a thing "in itself". "Ding-an-sich". Even though that makes personal judgment the paramount element in both philosophical and political terms. Oh, and religious, too.

Christopher Rushlau
3 years 10 months ago

I'll be rude by speaking twice and point out that the undefined "estate" McGovern indicated was the clergy. In strict or broad terms, whether you mean just ordained church officials or people who could be swept into that category with a broad brush, such as college professors and psychological counselors, there has been as much of a failure among this estate as among the other three: in Burke's terms, nobility, commons, and press.

Tom Saltsman
3 years 10 months ago

Thanks for preaching and living the Cross of Christ, Ray. What you said about necks also applies to any other body part, including the whole. But right now, I'm thinking specifically of men with criminally-inclined libidos. This is another important subject absent from the public debate.

When Rose Kennedy was asked in reference to the loss of her sons if she would like to have changed anything, she replied, "Not if it meant that they had not taken great risks. Nothing of any importance was ever accomplished without great risk."

Nancy Walton-House
3 years 9 months ago

Great conversation. I will listen again and refer others to it.


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