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I.J. Chan-Gonzaga, S.J., a native of Tacloban, talks about the devastation wrought by Typhoon Hiayan. Father I.J. is currently studying law at Ateneo de Manila University. Find out more about the crisis at Catholic Relief Services.

Picture: People carry supplies as they walk street in typhoon-battered city of Tacloban (CNS Photo/Reuters)

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William Atkinson
4 years 3 months ago

We are beginning to see disasters around the world, from Haiti, Thailand, New Orleans, New Jersey, Bangladesh, Japan and now Philippines that affect a huge growing world population and a time in recorded history where the earth is experiencing increasing climatic and natural calamities. Its past time for the great nations, charities, world organizations to pre-establish emergency caches around the world of food, water, medical aid that can respond within hours, not days to areas of these disasters to prevent disease, famine, death and mayhem.

Mike Evans
4 years 3 months ago

Used to be Civil Defense was the watchword for disasters enabling rapid response by suppliers, the National Guard, shelter points and hospitals all located nearby. Even in Afghanistan we were able to air drop supplies to bring relief from hunger and badly needed medical supplies. Was the Phillipine government totally inept and unable to respond? How about neighboring Asian countries within an hour or two flight time away? What is the U.N.'s role in emergency response? Luckily the U.S. had a carrier on station not too far away that could bring in the first wave of relief.


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