Next Steps in Syria

Special Podcast

George A. Lopez discusses the future of Syria and the ethics of intervention in an interview with associate editor Kevin Clarke. Professor Lopez is a professor of peace studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame.

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J Cosgrove
4 years 4 months ago

For some alternative points of view see_______________ ________


_______________ ________

_______________ ________ ________

Assad is a puppet so removing him still leaves the puppet master in place. This interview at best skirts around the issues and the causes. Syria and Egypt are deteriorating downward and Libya is unstable so just what does the term Arab Spring mean?_____ ________

This is supposed to be a religious site so maybe someone should discuss the "Twelvers" and whether this is having an effect on the Middle East._______________ ________ apologize for the funny spaces because this page does not accept any formatting and runs sentences and paragraphs together.


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