A Catholic Look at 'Mad Men,' Season 6


Special Podcast

Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan talks with James Martin, S.J., about Ignatian spirituality.
Special Podcast

Tim Reidy, America's digital editor, and James Martin, S.J., editor at large, meditate on the Catholic themes in this season of their favorite series, "Mad Men." Take a look at Don, Peggy, Betty, Roger, Betty, Pete, Bob and Joan through the lens of confession, fidelity, family, honesty, poverty and redemption.

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4 years 3 months ago

GREAT podcast on Mad Men. How about a little bit of St. Paul's "I keep doing the things I don't want to do..." just can't help myself, in Don Draper. Don is brilliant at what he does which us controlling people's behavior, convincing, through ads. He knows how & what to do to the exterior but inside he's longing for female comfort & approval - something he refuses to feel because it's not trustworthy, as per his childhood. I've for a long time held that the most important part of the Lord's Prayer is "... lead us not into temptation..." because otherwise we're Don Drapers.



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