Bishop Robert W. McElroy on Pope Francis and Income Inequality

America This Week: November 19, 2014

Bishop Robert W. McElroy talks about Pope Francis' message on economic inequality on this excerpt from "America This Week" on SiriusXM The Catholic Channel 129. 

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Liz Byas
3 years ago

Bishop McElroy accurately described issues facing the United States and the world, especially youth unemployment.
Thank you for having him on your program.
Liz Byas

Bob Baker
3 years ago

How about Catholic school teachers? On average across the U.S., they only receive 80% of the salaries public school teachers receive and nowhere near the benefits, such as medical insurance. (There are some dioceses where they receive on 50%!)
One might also ask why the bishops are all so keen on unions for all when they don't let them exist in their own dioceses?

John czerwiec
3 years ago

I agree with Bob -- the realities of unions in today's developed countries, especially for government workers, are badly out of sync with the policies needed to ensure true fairness.
There is no way to justify one category of workers enjoying lifetime economic security while others doing the same work for the private sector or even parochial schools, have no such security...


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