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Fall Literary Review 2021

Vol. 225 / No. 5

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Arts & Culture Of Many Things
James T. KeaneSeptember 30, 2021

Twice a year we publish an extra issue of America dedicated to books and all things literary; one in planting season and one at harvest time.

Arts & Culture Features
W. Ralph EubanksSeptember 30, 2021

Though a small state in terms of geographic size and population, Mississippi occupies an outsized place in the world of American letters. Why? How has “a little state that rests alongside the banks of a great and mighty river” made so many significant contributions to American literature?

Arts & Culture Features
Jim CurtisSeptember 30, 2021

A profoundly Russian author, Olga Sedakova offers insights into Christian living for a worldwide audience.

Arts & Culture Books
Mike MastromatteoSeptember 30, 2021

In more than two dozen novels, memoirs, travelogues and other writings, the Massachusetts writer Roland Merullo has proved to be an astute observer of the human condition.

Arts & Culture Books
Hannah E. RyanSeptember 30, 2021

The relationship between dominant and marginalized characters throughout O’Connor’s body of work offers a theology of displacement—that is, a means of experiencing God in the midst of upheaval, geographic and otherwise.

Arts & Culture Books
Mitali PerkinsSeptember 30, 2021

Why do most people stop reading children’s books they loved once they come of age? Books from our childhood can still do so much good work for us.

Arts & Culture Books
Nicholas D. SawickiSeptember 30, 2021

Mark Carney’s new book makes a succinct argument: We can either continue on the current path of what some argue is amoral wealth generation in a dehumanizing market society, or we can build new systems, grounded in common values, that encourage growth while stewarding resources for future