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Death and New Life

October 5, 2015

Vol. 213 / No. 9

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A FAMILY VIGIL. Leo King’s sister, left, and his wife at his bedside at the Center for Compassionate Care in Pittsburgh on Sept. 7. Mr. King died the next day.
John J. ParisSeptember 22, 2015

The contemporary American approach to end-of-life care is captured in an essay by Atul Gawande, M.D., in The New Yorker (8/2/10) entitled: “Letting Go! What Should Medicine Do When It Can’t Save Your Life?” Dr. Gawande, a surgeon at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Of Many Things
Kerry WeberSeptember 22, 2015

In the end, the story of Francis’ visit is, at its heart, a story of community.

Our readersSeptember 22, 2015

The Missing HalfMention of the ordination of women to the priesthood was conspicuously absent from the letters that were chosen to deliver to the pope, or at least the topic was not mentioned in “Dear Pope Francis,” by Elizabeth Groppe (9/14). I am certain Pope Francis is not so foolish

Faith Features
Richard G. MalloySeptember 22, 2015

‘I try so hard to hold onto pleasant images of Tim, but all I can see is him hanging there in the garage.” So said my sister a few months after our older brother died of suicide. That was one comforting linguistic suggestion, that he “died of suicide,” not that he “comm

Faith Faith in Focus
Mary F. BlehlSeptember 22, 2015

“Just live today. Don’t bother thinking about tomorrow, or yesterday. Focus on just one day.”

Faith Books
John A. ColemanSeptember 22, 2015

This stellar biography shows a truly courageous and holy man but also deeply unjust and humiliating actions by some church officials.

Luis A. TampeSeptember 22, 2015

'History of the National Encuentros,' by Mario J. Paredes