Phyllis Schlafly remembered for her advocacy for socially conservative causes

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Christina Demschyn
1 year 7 months ago
Anyone else find this sentence annoying? "A Catholic who gave birth to six children to her husband, John..." Doesn't CNS mean "with her husband"? Or was she just an incubator for his genetic legacy? CNS is using some archaic and sexist wording. But I suppose Schlafly would not have minded considering her viewpoints. Anyway, the fact that she opposed the US Bishops' draft pastoral letter on women for its statement that sexism is a sin is just ridiculous. She was not a supporter of women. She called herself pro-life, but by opposing federal child care policies, sexual harassment legislation and other pro-child and pro-woman legislation shows that she was just pro-natalist/birth and not fully pro-life. If anything, she pushed more people away from the pro-life cause with her extremist and sexist attitudes. How many women today are afraid to be associated with the pro-life movement because of right-wing extremists like her?
Vincent Gaglione
1 year 7 months ago
I agree. I also ask myself, how much of it all was ultimately about Phyllis Schafly and not the issues? Just one addendum: The Bishop of St Louis' comments about her were equally as over the top as was Schafly. If she is his idea of a defender of the faith and church, forgive my politically incorrect language, it ain't the faith and church I believe in!


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