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October 3, 2011

Vol.205 / No.9

October 3, 2011

David HollenbachOctober 03, 2011

How Catholic teaching can help shape the life of South Sudan

James Martin, S.J.October 03, 2011

The surprisingly joyful theology of 1 Thessalonians

V. Bradley LewisOctober 03, 2011

From a political theory to an article of faith

Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen, S.J.October 03, 2011

Even under the best of circumstances, listening can be a painful sort of asceticism.

October 03, 2011

Just Asking Re the Signs of the Times item “Church Membership Trends Downward” (9/12): Total births from 2000 to 2009 in the United States did not fall, but rose slightly during the first decade of the century to 4,131,019 from 4,058,814. But the statistics are not broken down according

The EditorsOctober 03, 2011

A polarized, politicized Congress has been fiddling while America burns.

Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.October 03, 2011

Mary Karr’s gritty stories of sin and salvation show us that grace is not always graceful.