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November 2, 2009

Vol. 201 / No. 12

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Thomas J. SantenNovember 02, 2009

God is an elusive presence in a world looking for certitude and control.

William BoleNovember 02, 2009

Why even Obama cannot bring an end to the culture wars

John F. ButlerNovember 02, 2009

Recently my father sent me a rosary that belonged to my Great-Uncle Ray. This was not just any rosary; it had been given to my godfather by his mother (my great-grandmother) when he fought behind enemy lines during World War II. As a symbol of faith, this rosary, with its unique history, is a source

Timothy P. BroglioNovember 02, 2009

Our duty to returning veterans

Thomas P. RauschNovember 02, 2009

Religious studies return to China.

Of Many Things
Patricia A. KossmannNovember 02, 2009

The many ways to help homeless, abused animals

November 02, 2009

Transforming Technology I am shocked that the editors of America allow a writer to stereotype a whole generation of young people as “the Dumbest Generation” (“Generation Text,” by Mark Bauerlein, 10/12). As a supervisor of student teachers, I enter scores of schools. In these