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October 20, 2008

Vol.199 / No.12

October 20, 2008

Dave AndersonOctober 20, 2008

Sports in the United States is more and more about more and more money. From Pulitzer-Prize winner Dave Anderson.

Elinor NauenOctober 20, 2008

How federal legislation provided new opportunities for women in sports.

Patrick KellyOctober 20, 2008

Dynamics internal to playing sports can lead to the flourishing of persons

Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen, S.J.October 20, 2008

Just war, nonviolence, and the prophetic versus the pastoral.

October 20, 2008

Au Contraire Thanks to William Thompson-Uberuaga for his insightful look at the very important priest John-Jacques Olier in “Christians Who Can Breathe and Laugh” (9/15). As a priest trained by the Sulpicians, I learned much about Olier’s spirituality and the enormous influence his

The EditorsOctober 20, 2008

Our national obsession with sports reflects both the best and the worst aspects of our culture.