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October 30, 2006

Vol. 195 / No. 13

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October 30, 2006

David SnyderOctober 30, 2006

When I met Antanos Hasrouni at the height of the conflict in Lebanon, the bitter irony of his life hung like a cloud about him. Chased by the war to a rented room in East Beirut, Hasrouni was readying a tiny apartment for the nine other members of his family who would join him. He had previously spe

Kenneth R. HimesOctober 30, 2006

At the closing of a worldwide assembly of Catholic moral theologians in Padua, Italy, in July, the participants gathered in the handsome courtyard of the city’s major seminary for a candlelit banquet. Amid this joyful and serene setting, however, came news of violence: the series of terror bom

David HollenbachOctober 30, 2006

When more than 400 Catholic moral theologians from around the world gathered in Padua, Italy, from July 8 to 11, the meeting evoked an awareness of God calling the church to deeper communion and generated among them a powerful desire to work for greater unity throughout the global human community. T

Arts & Culture
Jim McDermottOctober 30, 2006

Some see Halloween as a time for pretty outfits and make-believe—“My, what a handsome scarecrow” and the like. Personally, I always looked on the holiday as an occasion for casting ourselves headlong into our fears—of mortality, monsters and the dark—and laughing at the

John F. KavanaughOctober 30, 2006

A long time ago, in the 1960’s, I found myself in a march protesting what I thought was some covert racism at Saint Louis University. As I carried my sign calling for more serious recruitment of African-American students, I saw someone in the picket line looping back toward me. His sign sporte

Of Many Things
Drew Christiansen, S.J.October 30, 2006

I have had to learn three hard lessons about political life. First, perception “is” reality. Second, loyalty counts more than morality. Third, symbols trump reasoned argument. These are lessons every natural-born politician knows. But, I confess, in my case they may never take firm hold.

Our readersOctober 30, 2006

A Magnificent Witness

I do canonical work for women religious in the United States and in other countries. Some of this work has been with cloistered sisters. Therefore, I was deeply touched by the beautiful photographs of the women from the three Carmelite monasteries (Who Can