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July 17, 2006

Vol.195 / No.2

July 17, 2006

John F. KavanaughJuly 17, 2006

In the week when one U.S. Marine was charged with murder and another group of our soldiers was subject to intensifying investigation into the killing of 24 Iraqi civilians (10 of them women and children) at Haditha last November, two dead U.S. servicemen were found, their bodies rigged with explosiv

John W. PadbergJuly 17, 2006

Peter Faber may best have exemplified what a missionary to the church of the Reformation era needed.

James R. StormesJuly 17, 2006


• Economic growth that will not disappear with the next market change

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonJuly 17, 2006

Children’s books: why would a senior citizen like me be reading them? And yet I recently read several at quite a clip. This is because a Xaverian brother named Leonard, who teaches reading at a Jesuit middle school near my parish, lent me half a dozen. Leonard often tells me about them during

Our readersJuly 17, 2006

Life to Come

As director of the Office of Prayer and Worship for the Diocese of Albany, I found Terry Golway’s essay It’s Your Funeral (6/5) disturbing. I can only speak for the Diocese of Albany; but like diocesan officials in many areas of the country, we have found it necessary

The EditorsJuly 17, 2006

Racism in the United States can take many forms. Some are as obvious as slurs shouted from cars or hate crimes; others are less apparent. One of racism’s covert guises is housing discrimination. In April the National Fair Housing Alliance released its fair housing trends report, Unequal Opport

Arts & Culture Books
Brennan O'DonnellJuly 17, 2006

Shortly before her death in 1997 the renowned English-born American poet Denise Levertov published two volumes of selected poems The Stream and the Sapphire brought together 38 poems on Religious Themes from Levertov rsquo s large and varied corpus It traced in the poet rsquo s words my slow mo