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May 12, 2003

Vol. 188 / No. 16

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Robert J. DalyMay 12, 2003

Have you found out what sacrifice is?” asked the pastor when the religious education instructor had herded her charges back into the front pews. “Yes,” she answered triumphantly, “sacrifice means giving up what you love.” I groaned in frustration, but the pastor clucked

Of Many Things
James Martin, S.J.May 12, 2003

One of my earliest religious memories is of learning the Act of Contrition from a Sister of St. Joseph during a C.C.D. class in our parish church in suburban Philadelphia. It was probably a Sunday morning after Mass; I must have been around seven or eight, and was most likely preparing for first hol

Our readersMay 12, 2003

Right Intention

George Weigel in The Just War Case for the War (3/31), argues that the war against Iraq is justifiable in light of traditional just war thinking. While I find his reflections on the criteria of just cause, legitimate authority, proportionality and last resort both

The EditorsMay 12, 2003

General Jay Garner has had to bring order out of chaos before. In 1991, after the first Persian Gulf war, he supervised Operation Provide Comfort, which supplied food and shelter for the Kurdish population in northern Iraq. He is a proponent of the view that the military should be “a merciful

Faith Features
Willard F. JabuschMay 12, 2003

By now it is clear to anyone interested in the Catholic Church that there are no longer enough priests to celebrate Mass in many parishes.

Faith in Focus
Mary SherryMay 12, 2003

My two friends have been searching for a long time. They need a place to worship. He was brought up in a rigid Baptist tradition; she was brought up in a rigid Catholic tradition. I am not reporting on their search, because, after all, it is theirs. While I can identify with their search in many way

Charles R. MorrisMay 12, 2003

James MacGregor Burns rsquo s new book Transforming Leadership is a reformulation and update of his 1978 book Leadership which was the seminal text for the burgeoning new field of ldquo leadership studies rdquo There is a James MacGregor Burns Institute of Leadership at the University of Mary