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February 11, 2002

Vol. 186 / No. 4

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Ernest W. SweeneyFebruary 11, 2002

The central issues of Argentina’s national life revolve around political power, charismatic leadership, economic development and effective democracy. These four elements have determined the course of events in Argentina’s struggle for social justice and economic stability since the begin

Thomas E. QuigleyFebruary 11, 2002

One of the more bloody coup d’etats of modern times took place in Chile on Sept. 11, 1973. Twenty-eighth anniversaries are not usually much commemorated, but any time is a good time to reflect on one of the positive developments that resulted from that chaotic era: the growth of the modern hum

Joseph A. Califano Jr.February 11, 2002

If ever the sum is greater than the parts, it is in combining the power of God, religion and spirituality with the power of science and professional medicine to prevent and treat substance abuse and addiction. That’s the good news from So Help Me God: Substance Abuse, Religion and Spirituality

Patrick T. McCormickFebruary 11, 2002

Imagine a 12-year-old boy who has committed a brutal, senseless homicide. Now imagine a 47-year-old legislator who claims this child should be treated as if he were a mature adult. Which of these is behaving like a grown-up? Last year prosecutors in Florida put two 14-year-olds on trial as adults fo

Of Many Things
James Martin, S.J.February 11, 2002

As the number of women religious declines, the public’s fascination with them only increases. One of the most highly praised books published in 2000, for example, was Mark Salzman’s novel Lying Awake, an exquisitely written tale about the religious experiences of a cloistered nun. Also p

Our readersFebruary 11, 2002

Renewed Commitment

While I welcome America’s interest in publishing an article in which a person relates his recovery from alcoholism to a renewed commitment to Catholicism (12/24/01), I am concerned that the article might give a mistaken impression of A.A. to those who

The EditorsFebruary 11, 2002

According to classical economic theory, here is how a corporation is supposed to work in the capitalist system. Owned by its shareholders, a corporation is run by a board of directors, who are voted into office by the shareholders. The board, in turn, appoints managers, led by a chief executive offi