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September 10, 2001

Vol. 185 / No. 6

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Thomas A. ShannonSeptember 10, 2001

The international team of Panayiotis Zavos, of the University of Kentucky, and Servino Antinori of Rome, Italy, and a group called the Raelians, who think humans were made by aliens using genetic technologies, have both announced that they are moving forward on the human cloning project. The Raelian

Rita George TvrtkovicSeptember 10, 2001

A study by Creighton University’s Center for Marriage and Family in 1999 indicates that today roughly 40 percent of all Catholics marry non-Catholics.

Robert A. SenserSeptember 10, 2001

U.S. trade policies must be “fully aligned with our values,” the new United States Trade Representative, Robert B. Zoellick, said in an interview published in The Washington Post on March 13. “I’m convinced, whether it relates to child labor, forced labor, or HIV/AIDS—a

Of Many Things
Anthony Egan, S.J.September 10, 2001

Faced with a growing pro-democracy movement led by intellectuals, journalists and the labor movement, King Mswati III of Swaziland (a small African country surrounded by South Africa and Mozambique) has cracked down on dissent and declared a state of emergency. Press censorship, arrest of dissidents

Our readersSeptember 10, 2001

Complete PersonThanks for an excellent article on “The Church and Psychiatry” (7/30). When the idea of becoming a Catholic priest first took hold of me, I ran away, much like Jonah. I decided to go into professional psychology instead. In working on my Ph.D. in clinical psychology I foun

The EditorsSeptember 10, 2001

This year is the 50th anniversary of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees—a body of international law aimed at ensuring the rights of people fleeing persecution and civil unrest. Overshadowing the celebratory note appropriate to such an occasion, however, is the fac

Faith in Focus
Carolyn LawrenceSeptember 10, 2001

It was a lovely summer morning, perfect for the first Ladies Day Out for the women in my family. From all over Virginia, we gathered for brunch in a private dining room at a historic hotel in Richmond. Our holiday was the newest twist on our family’s tradition of enjoying the pleasure of one a