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July 15, 2000

Vol. 183 / No. 2

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John F. KavanaughJuly 15, 2000

When Ralph Nader won the Green Party’s nomination for president, The Saint Louis Post Dispatch gave the event 12 inches on the second page. They allotted Nader a tiny picture, symbolic of the 3 percent support vote he received, as they noted under his face. A heading for the article ran: &quot

The nation had little choicepun intendedwhen it came to the abortion controversy. I say this after 40 years as a reporter who entered the business with pride and left it feeling ashamed. I underwent this transformation largely because of the way so many of my colleagues handled the wording and shadi

Avery DullesJuly 15, 2000

The contemporary world situation demands a successor of Peter who, with divine assistance, can teach and direct the entire people of God.

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonJuly 15, 2000

Here in America, I’ve watched mothers in the kitchen after a meal throw away more food, and better food, than I might eat in Russia in a week.... And I simply can’t help staring when people leave their plates half full, as they do so often in restaurants. Who wrote these words, and when?

Our readersJuly 15, 2000

Justice and Human RightsI would like to add to the fine editorial, Solidarity in Globalization (6/3). Representing the Sisters of St. Joseph at the United Nations, I have come to realize that, in addition to all that was so eloquently expressed in your editorial regarding how Americans need to respo

The EditorsJuly 15, 2000

The U.S. Supreme Court Justices left their fellow citizens plenty to think about when they adjourned last month amid a crescendo of significant decisions. In three of those cases, the court decided some sharply focused constitutional issues without coming anywhere near to wrapping up the profound mo

Faith in Focus
Lorraine V. MurrayJuly 15, 2000

The other day a friend called to tell me her newborn boy had been rushed to the hospital. The doctors had discovered a serious heart defect. "What can I do?" I immediately asked. The answer was simple enough. She needed companionship as she camped out day and night in the I.C.U. waiting ro