April 8, 2000

Francis A. SullivanApril 08, 2000

On the first Sunday of Lent of this jubilee year, Pope John Paul II celebrated a solemn liturgy in which he and the cardinals of the Roman Curia who joined him offered a "universal prayer," which had the title: "Confession of Sins and Asking for Forgiveness." This solemn act was

John W. OMalleyApril 08, 2000

Everyone has been trying to see the big picture. We’ve been bombarded with a certain type of question. Who is the man or woman of the centurybetter, of the millennium? What are the happenings in the past thousand years that most changed the course of history and that explain how, for better or

Walter J. BurghardtApril 08, 2000

The death of the Jesuit moral theologian Richard A. McCormick at 77 forces an uncommon sadness not only on family and friends but on the world of scholarship as well. For in his own field Father McCormick has provided a remarkable example of five facets that should characterize the genuine Catholic

Of Many Things
Patricia A. KossmannApril 08, 2000

All things are relative, as they say. With the domestic fuel supply dwindling and neither the president nor OPEC budging from the status quo, we have been told to expect at least a $2 per gallon automobile gas price by June. But then, as a local radio commentator remarked recently, just imagine the

Our readersApril 08, 2000

A League in SyncJames Martin, S.J., offers a comprehensive overview of anti-Catholicism in America and an excellent analysis of its root causes (The Last Acceptable Prejudice? 3/25). His position that the Catholic League is too overheated, however, deserves a response.Our style is not out of sync wi

The EditorsApril 08, 2000

Al Smith and John F. Kennedy must be enjoying a good chuckle as they watch Democrats and Republicans engage in finger-pointing about anti-Catholicism. Though at one time being Catholic was a liability when running for national office, now candidates try to outdo each other by professing their abhorr

Kathy OConnellApril 08, 2000

At first the inclusion of Brian De Palma among the six directors thoughtfully dissected in Richard A Blake rsquo s AfterImage The Indelible Catholic Imagination of Six American Filmmakers did not seem to fit The other five mdash Martin Scorsese Alfred Hitchcock John Ford Frank Capra and Franci