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JesuiticalApril 29, 2022

At a time when young people are leaving the Catholic Church, and those who remain are less likely to attend Mass, evangelizing may not seem like a top priority. It can be tempting for Catholic leaders to think: We need to stop the internal bleeding first, then we can worry about the rest of the world.

Bishop William Wack disagrees: In every age and place, Catholics are called to “make disciples of all nations,” and our time is no different. Named the head of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee in Florida in 2017, Bishop Wack recently authored a pastoral letter on evangelization, titled “Sharing the Gift.” Ashley and Zac talk to Bishop Wack about praying in public, talking to friends (and strangers) about Jesus and what makes evangelization different from proselytizing.

In Signs of the Times, Zac and Ashley talk with their colleague Jim McDermott, S.J., about how Catholics should think about wearing masks—even when they are not required. What Catholic principles can help us discern our way through what is hopefully the final stages of the Covid-19 pandemic?

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