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Inside the VaticanDecember 09, 2020
A well-wisher is pictured in a file photo kissing the ring of Auxiliary Bishop Thaddeus Ma Daqin following his episcopal ordination at St. Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai. The Vatican and China have renewed their 2018 agreement on bishops' appointments. (CNS photo/courtesy of UCAnews)

In October, the Holy See and China renewed their controversial agreement on bishops’ appointments. If both sides are satisfied with how things are going after two years, the arrangement will become permanent.

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As it stands now, both sides want to see some changes before that can happen. In this special episode of “Inside the Vatican,” America editors Gerard O’Connell and Zac Davis join Colleen Dulle to explain what the Holy See and China each want from the deal.

They unpack the story of the historic relationship between China and the Vatican: how the sides are compromising, where they are unwilling to compromise, and what will need to happen before they establish a permanent diplomatic relationship.

Links from the show:

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Gerard O’Connell | The Vatican is ready to renew its deal with China. Privately, officials admit they’re walking a tightrope.

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