November 12, 2018
Although China and the Vatican signed a provisional agreement on the appointment of bishops in September, persecution of Chinese Catholics continues.
Colleen Dulle November 07, 2018
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” we cover new developments in the case of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.
Catholic News Service October 17, 2018
Catholic clergy and laypeople have been expelled from Myanmar's northern Shan state by a China-backed ethnic minority army.
China on Tuesday characterized its mass internment of Muslims as a push to bring into the "modern, civilized" world a destitute people who are easily led astray — a depiction that analysts said bore troubling colonial overtones.
Chinese Bishop Joseph Li Shan baptizes a woman during a Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, a government-sanctioned Catholic church in Beijing, on Sept. 22. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, File)
Yaqiu Wang October 05, 2018
The provisional agreement between the Vatican and Beijing gives no assurance the government will curb its recent crackdown on religious practice, which includes unprecedented control over Muslims and Buddhists.
Gerard O’Connell October 03, 2018
Describing this synod as a “moment of grace for the whole church,” Pope Francis prayed that the Holy Spirit “may help us to preserve the memory of the Lord.”