Catholic News Service January 29, 2019
A controversial China-funded dam project in Myanmar must be stopped, said Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon, noting that the affected river is the country's most sacred symbol.
Catholic News Service January 23, 2019
The president of China's state-sanctioned bishops' conference has pledged to work with the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association to develop the Sinicization of religion in the communist nation.
America This Week January 09, 2019
Our Jan. 9 guest is Paul Mariani, S.J.
People walk past an electronic board showing Hong Kong share index outside a local bank in Hong Kong Monday, Jan. 8, 2019. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)
Paul D. McNelis, S.J. January 08, 2019
The press in China does not make any mention of an impending “trade war”—only trade frictions.
The Vatican appointed a retired China-friendly cardinal to head the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong on Monday.
December 18, 2018
In an instance of a new atmosphere of accommodation between the Vatican and the Chinese Communist authorities, the Vatican has announced that it has recognized two previously excommunicated bishops as heads of dioceses and the Chinese Communist authorities have not interfered with the Vatican's