Spiritual Insights for L.G.B.T. Catholics

Spiritual Insights for L.G.B.T. Catholics

For many people, coming out can be frightening, especially if they feel that their church, or God, is somehow against them.

If you are struggling with being an L.G.B.T. person in the Catholic Church, here are five things to remember, from James Martin, S.J.


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Mike Theman
5 days 2 hours ago

It is one thing to admit having same-sex attraction. It is quite another thing to admit being "gay" or the seemingly non-sexual label "LGBT." The difference is important, and Mr. Martin conflates the two with devious intent.

Same-sex attraction (SSA) is a feeling, the origin of which is unclear but is usually, reportedly, involuntary and, like all sexual attraction, makes one feel sexually stimulated.

Gay or LGBT are labels voluntarily adopted by those who experience SSA. One is not born gay; one decides to be gay. Ergo, one can have SSA and yet not choose to be gay (much as one can be attracted to another man's wife and not be an adulterer).

The power of any sexual advocacy group, be it promoter of premarital sex, sex otherwise outside of marriage (open marriages), sex with multiple partners (e.g., polygamy), and sodomy, is their appeal to we humans' feelings of sexual attraction. It feels so nice that how could it be wrong to succumb to it? Love is love, after all (insert eye-roll here). We forget that sexual attraction is what leads to adultery, fatherless children, STDs, and the fact that the vast majority of us struggle with sexual attraction to the "wrong" people.

Mr. Martin, like all promoters of sexual sin, skips over the fact that we humans have the free will to resist sexual temptation. He conflates "SSA" and "LGBT" and thereby ignores the fact that adopting the label "gay" is a CHOICE to embrace one's sexual attraction to the wrong kind of person. It would be like assigning the word "Happy" to people who decide to engage in adultery. And what's wrong with someone wanting to be "happy?" God still loves you even if you sleep with someone else's wife, so come be happy!

Mr. Martin uses the snake-like tactics of the Devil in the garden of Eden, appealing to human weakness and compassion to promote sinful activity as something that we are unjustly denied. If Mr. Martin used the term "people with same-sex attraction" instead of "people who come out as gay," I'd think his presentation would be more genuine, but not nearly as juicy to his readers.

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