Next Steps for Jesuit Education

In formally announcing his resignation and convoking the 36th General Congregation (to be held in October 2016), Jesuit Superior General Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, S.J., wrote: "I invite the whole Society to enter into a process of deep and genuine spiritual discernment about our life and mission during the coming months." He then added: "Meditating on the call of the Eternal King, what do we discern to be the three most important calls that the Lord makes to the whole Society today?"

As a lay person with many years in and around Jesuit education (and as one who is currently working at a Jesuit high school), I thought of a minor tweak to Fr. Nicolas's question, namely: What do we discern to be the three most important calls for those in Ignatian and/or in Jesuit education?


It's only fair that, if I pose the question, I should offer my own answer. In a future post, I'll provide some thoughts, but I thought I'd start the conversation.  

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