Time for a pregnant Cabinet Member?

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez from California has announced that she is pregnant and expecting her first child in May. Congratulations to her and her fiancé Jim Sullivan.

Last month, I suggested that Sanchez would be an ideal candidate for Secretary of Labor in an Obama administration, given her strong pro-labor record, her mastery of the issues, and her familiarity with foreign affairs that will be central to trade relations. I think the case for her appointment is made even stronger by this latest news. Working Moms are almost as critical a political demographic as Latinos and Sanchez is now both. The Obama transition team has so far been short of prominent Latinos on Cabinet nominee shortlists. Sanchez should be on the list and could speak about the challenges of being a working Mom with unique authority.


It will be a great moment to see a black man take the oath of office as President in January. It would be another great moment, if you will pardon the expression, a moment pregnant with meaning, to see a very pregnant Sanchez get sworn in as Secretary of Labor, and subsequently to show up to meetings with an infant in tow. The way to promote family values is to value families. In addition, Obama would have a highly talented and competent Secretary of Labor.



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10 years 1 month ago
I'm sorry - you claim to be a Roman Catholic publication. Loretta Sanchez is and always has been pro-abortion. She somehow outseated a faithful Irish Catholic pro-life married father of five, Robert K. Dornan,the only member of Congress who regularly refered to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by name on the house floor. The writer over looks what a miserable example this unwed pregnancy is for the heavily Hispanic immigrant district she represents in Southern California. This article is meaningless, contrary to Catholic teaching, and at best, sad.
10 years 1 month ago
Jennifer Bioche, Your remarks concerning Representative Loretta Sanchez might have some relevance if she were the person being considered for the cabinet post, but she is not. It is her sister, Representative Linda Sanchez, as the post by Michael clearly indicates.
10 years 1 month ago
What great idealism?Along with an increase of other minority groups I think the time has come for a major increase in the number of left-handed people in office.They have been held down for so long and America must lead the way in having Justice done to people like them.A more open-minded society would appreciate the wonderful gifts they bring to public life, and it will in some way wipe away the stain of history against them.After them I am for monobrowed people.But I am openminded enough to realize others may disagree with me and I welcome this and see it as an opportunity for dialogue
10 years 1 month ago
Actually, it's Linda Sanchez not Loretta(Linda's sister) who is pregnant and being considered for Labor Secretary. Linda Sanchez is also pro-abortion and flaunting her pregnancy to young Latina women as a role model. At least Linda Sanchez did not elect abortion. What a depressing article coming from a Catholic? publication.
10 years 1 month ago
What's wrong with this picture? A man publicly acknowledges a woman's gifts and potential for leadership, endorsing her in Congress. A woman reader chimes in to judge the Congresswoman for being pro-abortion, and in the same breath, for being an unwed mother. How is it that one can win in this situation? Let he/she among us who is without sin cast the first stone. Thank you America Magazine for upholding the Catholic tradition of critical inquiry, and for publicly supporting women. AMDG
10 years 1 month ago
The fiance of the pregnant woman? Which is to say she is not married. Now there's a role model.
10 years 1 month ago
Thanks for all this good information about Linda Sanchez. I think she would be an ideal candidate for Secretary of Labor. I also like the fact that she is pregnant and a Latina. She will be a great role model for all of us. There is lot of good information about her online. Her lucky kid might grow up to look like me. I too had a Chicana mother.
10 years 1 month ago
>> I doubt Mr. Winters would be so magnanimous if it were Palin showing up for executive meetings with her infant in tow and I'd imagine he would be quick to ridicule any republican, male or female, who did such a thing. I've had to take my baby to board meetings when the baby-sitter was a no-show; trust me, it might make for a cute photo op but having to nurse a fussy infant in the middle of a meeting is not conducive to productivity. I didn't expect Palin (in her possible role of accidental president) to hold meetings with her child in arms and I'd expect no less from Obama or any of his cabinet. This is our country we are electing these people to run, not Disneyland. Winters may have meant that it would be nice for Sanchez to show up with her baby and then hand off to the hired help while she goes to work, but that is certainly out of the realm of possibility for the exact demographic he is claiming this would be good for. Few of us working moms, married or otherwise, have the sort of support in place that Sanchez will have. From her experience, Sanchez might indeed be an excellent choice for this post, but, being a pregnant woman should have nothing to do with it.
9 years 11 months ago
This is a Catholic Publication???? PLEASE!!!
9 years 9 months ago
I watched Rep. Sanchez on one of the Sunday "news" shows. She explained how she planned her whole life. When the doctors told her her "clock" was running out. She planned and got pregnant. She says she's an example for young girls in that when you have the money, you can get pregnant. I'm not sure what that means?!?!? What I'm hearing is that she does not planned to give her child a sable home. I guess she want to make use she can still date others? Marry someone else that she would love more, then the child could have a Daddy in it's life. I guess planning to a wedding is much harder than creating a stable home life, giving a child two parents that are committed to each other and their child. Weddings!!! that's what marriages, not committment and love it's that pesky wedding. Rep. Sanchez just does have the time to plan that. I really never hear so much junk out of one person's mouth that I did this morning. I can see why we are in the mess we're in, with each make our own reality and say it with conviction because then it's true. It's no longer a selfish act, it's a planned act. Much different


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