A Prayer to the Prince of Peace

Photo: Raghad Al-Hussein, a 30-year-old Syrian refugee, holds her newborn child inside their makeshift shelter in the village of Jeb Jennine, in Lebanon on Nov. 22. CNS Photo: Paul Jeffrey.)

A Prayer for Peace in Syria

O Prince of Peace, we come before you sinful and sorrowful.
We know that we are all guilty of hatred and contempt,
and yet we ask for your mercy and forgiveness.

In Syria, millions of our brothers and sisters are suffering greatly.
And it seems that their suffering may be increased by people 
who themselves wish to bring peace to this land.

We know that it is you who turn our hearts to peace, 
and so we ask you to turn your eyes to Syria, 
so near the towns and villages where you grew up and ministered, 
to look upon that Holy Land, and bring an end to violence.

Help us do all that we can, physically, morally, legally, 
to support dialogue, foster reconciliation and promote justice. 
End the terrible violence directed against so many Syrians 
from so many places, and turn their hearts to forgiveness, compassion and love.

Open our own hearts to the needs of the millions of refugees. 
Help us to see that they are our brothers and sisters in crisis,
for you were a refugee yourself once, 
along with Mary and Joseph.

Most of all, let us not bring more violence and suffering 
upon a people who have already suffered immensely. 

Bring them peace, O Prince of Peace.

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Bruce Snowden
4 years 11 months ago
Beautiful Peace Prayer by Fr. James Martin, S.J. guaranteed to heal the human strife inflaming Syria, if only its message was endorsed by people in high places, contributors all to the strife. Beautiful "holy picture" of a Syrian Mom with her baby, imaging I imagine hair and skin tone of the Mother of Jesus and her Baby. May Mary, the "Untier Of Knots" as someone has said and also of "Nots" as in "Let's NOT Talk Peace," change hearts and minds and in the Name of the Prince of Peace, water-down the fires of hatred and mistrust. Bring them peace, O Prince and Mother of Peace!
Naji Arwashan
4 years 11 months ago
As Syrian people say: God bless your mouth!
Craig McKee
4 years 11 months ago
When, O Lord...? How long, O Lord...? Send your Spirit to enlighten the minds of stupid G20 leaders who still believe that WAR is good for the global economy and for garnishing political support back home!


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