Peruvian Anglicans create 'ordinariate' for dissenting Catholics

According to the Church Times:

AN “Ordinariate of Postulants” has been set up by the diocese of Peru in the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone to host a growing number of Roman Catholic priests who are keen to join the Anglican Church.


In contrast to the situa­tion in England, where three former bishops recently joined the Ordinariate for former Anglicans established by Rome, clerics are making the reverse journey in South America. The Bishop of Peru, the Rt Revd William God­frey, said that, so far, about ten RC priests had joined the new group to explore the possibility of switching denominations. Some may bring con­gregations with them.

About half of them are from churches that have become indepen­dent from the RC Church, often because the priests have got married. Bishop Godfrey said that he had also received requests from RC clergy in Uruguay, Ecuador, and Ar­gentina, to join the Anglican Church.

He said that it was not entirely new for Roman Catholics to make this journey, as “the Anglican Church in Latin America would not exist if it wasn’t for ex-Roman Catholics”, but priests were now leaving on a larger scale.

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PJ Johnston
6 years 11 months ago
Crystal Watson
6 years 11 months ago
Jim McCrea
6 years 11 months ago
Ah, faith and begorrah:  it was only a matter of time, now don't you know?

Maybe they'll ordain Albert Cutie as Presiding Bishop.
Mary Wood
6 years 11 months ago
I would seriously suggest that there are more ''disaffected'' Catholics than there are/were ''disaffected'' Anglicans.  To be sure the Anglican Communion contains within itself nearly all the problems of the Latin Catholic Church, but it does apparently address them openly, and with lay participation in the search for God's will in the possible way forward.

The Ordinariate risks bringing fringe groups of  Anglicans of very particular persuasion (I'm being polite!) into the RCC to form fringe groups of persons of ''very special'' and different persuasion from the regulars.  

Watch and pray. 
Juan Lino
6 years 11 months ago
This sentence caught my eye: "About half of them are from churches that have become indepen­dent from the RC Church, often because the priests have got married."   

So they've already privately left Christ's original Church and now want to make it official?  I say: "Go for it but be honest about it and don't do what that idiot in Florida has done - justify stupid behavior with B.S.

Regarding Catholicicsm in the Spanish world, of which I am personally familiar, I can tell you that catechesis is badly needed!


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