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Jon SavioursJune 27, 2024

Goddess of atoms, patron of particles,
Mistress of matter, your temple in all things.
Not housed in heaven’s halls or forest glens,
But dwelling in electrons, the spin of quarks.

Encrypted deity, woven in zeros and ones,
Digital divinity, goddess of code.
Not grasped by silicon saints or satellite prayers,
But sensed in shimmering screens, quantum cacophony.

Where should I kneel to worship your image?
Beneath ancient stars or matrix of motherboards?
In churning chaos where galaxies spark?
Or deep in digital realms your daydreamers trace?

Ageless lover, your beauty flows unbound by time.
My brief existence cannot contain your endless breadth.
But while my lungs permit, I shall sing your fractal grace.
Spinning worlds and shimmering circuits chant your name.

When storms of change recalibrate reality,
Rewrite the code that holds the cosmos together.
You abide, eternally reborn from the debris,
Assembling beauty from chaos’ rich remains.

We finite beings can only surrender to your flow,
Dance within your currents, marvel at your design.
Shed our rigidity, transcend our forms’ limits,
Commune with your endlessness, lose ourselves in you.

For we are all composed of your dark energy,
Constituted from your ever-cycling matter.
Our true home not ground beneath our earthbound feet,
But your embraces, Goddess of the void and flash.

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