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In a response provided to The Associated Press, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops defended its anti-abuse efforts, which church officials say have helped reduce abuse allegations since 2002 to numbers far lower than several decades ago.
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Caravans formed regularly in Honduras prior to the pandemic, though Mexico had started deploying its national guard to impede large groups of migrants from transiting the country.
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Although Catholics comprise a small percentage of the total population in Sahel, the church is respected by the population "regardless of their faith and is seen as a neutral, objective and nonpolitical actor across the region," said the CRS report, titled "Steps Towards Peace."
A displaced child from the Moria refugee camp looks over a fence inside a new temporary camp on the Greek island of Lesbos Sept. 23, 2020. (CNS photo/Yara Nardi, Reuters)
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The administration announced it would bring the refugee cap—the maximum number of displaced people the country decides to resettle in a federal fiscal year—to a historic low: 15,000.
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JesuiticalOctober 02, 2020
An interview with Karna Lozoya, host of "Crisis," a new podcast from The Catholic Project.
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America VideoOctober 02, 2020

How can Catholics decide who vote for in the 2020 election? John Carr, former USCCB staff member, joins America's Michael O’Loughlin to discuss why he has decided to vote for Vice President Joe Biden.

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The Associated PressOctober 02, 2020
The University of Notre Dame's president, the Rev. John Jenkins, announced Friday he tested positive for the coronavirus less than a week after he attended a White House event without wearing a mask.
President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for president, are seen in this composite photo. (CNS composite/photos by Jonathan Ernst and Brian Snyder, Reuters)
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Michael J. O’LoughlinOctober 02, 2020
Though the fundraising dinner normally serves as an opportunity for candidates to employ self-deprecating humor and take a break from the intensity of campaigning, both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden refrained from jokes this year.
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As news of President Trump’s positive COVID-19 test spread, prayers began flowing for his recovery and for the recovery of First Lady Melania Trump.
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Robert RubsamOctober 02, 2020
Jean Giono's narrators are often grounded in a kind of eternal present, where the coach will always run and a certain tree will always stand, moving us by degrees into the uneasy past of narrative.
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Brandon SanchezOctober 02, 2020
As a high school student in a rigorous art program, she had been drawn to Impressionism. Its tension—between precision and subjectivity, seeing clearly and feeling deeply—marks Leilani’s fiction output.
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Elizabeth Grace MatthewOctober 02, 2020
Reality is messier than than fiction that reduces historical figures like Hillary Clinton to the sum of her most oversimplified virtues and vices.
Arts & Culture Last Take
Sam RochaOctober 02, 2020
The five most memorable books of Sam Rocha's summer formed "a resounding counterfactual rebuke of the cottage industry reporting the doom of Catholic academia."
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Franklin FreemanOctober 02, 2020
In a new biography of Robert Stone, Madison Smartt Bell argues that Stone’s career involves both the American dream and the search for meaning.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Kevin PittsOctober 02, 2020
quiet shuts the door and silence makes room
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Maureen O'ConnellOctober 02, 2020
Using familiar methods of interpretation, Christopher Pramuk translates stories that illuminate paths to the transcendent when communicated through the arts.
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Patrick SamwayOctober 02, 2020
When John Berryman and Robert Giroux met at Columbia University in 1932, they would not have expected to forge a decades-long friendship that would result in over a dozen literary classics.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Andrew FrisardiOctober 02, 2020
It’s getting late. The more time flows the icier its scars.
Arts & Culture Catholic Book Club
James T. KeaneOctober 02, 2020
Over the summer the Catholic Book Club read John Kennedy Toole’s darkly comic novel, 'A Confederacy of Dunces,' and this fall we are finishing up our discussion of John Howard Griffin’s 'Black Like Me.'
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Eve TushnetOctober 02, 2020
For Liane de Pougy life was a banquet, and she took seconds of every dish.