Faith The Word
Jaime L. WatersMarch 20, 2020
Who might we be in these narratives? Who was there during Jesus’ time of need?
Faith Faith and Reason
Brian P. BennettMarch 20, 2020
Seeing the proselytizing success of the Jesuits in Eastern Europe, some Orthodox clerics decided to defend their expression of the faith using the very tools that were challenging it.
Faith The Word
Jaime L. WatersMarch 20, 2020
What might be difficult to understand on Easter Sunday should become clearer throughout the Easter season.
Faith Faith in Focus
Sherri RetifMarch 20, 2020
St. Ignatius invites us to discern spiritual meaning in everyday experience. I have found that such discoveries occur frequently on the basketball court.
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Arts & Culture Ideas
Generation X came of age in a culture awash in dreams of women’s perpetual and idealized childhood being sold as feminist empowerment.
Faith Your Take
Our readersMarch 20, 2020
America asked our readers: Does your workplace support your religious practice?
Faith Editorials
The EditorsMarch 20, 2020
On Holy Saturday, thousands of catechumens and candidates in the United States will join the Catholic Church.
Faith Last Take
Danielle BeanMarch 20, 2020
Motherhood was an all-encompassing thing, and yet also a hidden thing, Danielle Bean writes.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Emily StoddardMarch 20, 2020
I decide on wide slashes—precise but hungry,/as if the soldier had wanted to peel into the heart—
Faith Features
Bill CainMarch 20, 2020
A life in the Society of Jesus.
Politics & Society Jesuitical
JesuiticalMarch 20, 2020
We aren’t even close to overreacting; we need to support our medical professionals; it’s normal to be afraid, but we don’t need to be conquered by our fear.
Medical workers at Gemelli Hospital in Rome wear protective suits as they attend an elderly coronavirus patient on March 16, 2020. (CNS photo/Policlinico Gemelli, handout via Reuters)
Faith Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O’ConnellMarch 19, 2020
Pope Francis said, “The prayer of the rosary is the prayer of the humble and of the saints who, through its mysteries, contemplate with Mary the life of Jesus, the merciful face of the Father.”
Faith News
The Archdiocese of Santa Fe said this week in addition to asking for limited gatherings at Chimayó, it was also postponing pilgrimages to Tomé Hill, the location of Crosses and a shrine on top of a hill in central New Mexico.
Faith News
Homeless communities throughout the country are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19, church officials said.
Faith Last Take
Cyrus HabibMarch 19, 2020
I have come to believe that, while we certainly continue to need people of good will to serve in elected office, meeting the challenges our country faces will require more than just policy-making.
Politics & Society News
Zac DavisMarch 19, 2020
Cyrus Habib is interrupting what had been a rapid political ascent to join the Catholic Church’s largest religious order.
Faith News
St. Romero continues to this day to influence members of the U.S. church -- from the laity to U.S. bishops -- seeking to model his example of carrying out the church's defense of the vulnerable and protection of the human rights of the poor.
Faith News
Dressed in white vestments to commemorate the feast of St. Joseph March 19, the pope expressed his closeness to prisoners "who suffer so much in this moment of uncertainty and pain."
Faith Faith in Focus
Gregory HillisMarch 19, 2020
The coronavirus outbreak illustrates one of the most important takeaways of a good Trinitarian theology: the unity of humankind.
A viewer watches a livestream Mass from the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore celebrated by Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori and a few concelebrants March 15, 2020. All Sunday Masses in the Archdiocese of Baltimore were canceled amid coronavirus pandemic concerns. (CNS photo/Ann M. Augherton, Arlington Herald)
Faith News
Ryan Di CorpoMarch 19, 2020
“You can meditate on the Sunday Gospel on your own, consult a Bible commentary about the readings, gather your family to talk about the Gospel or call friends and share your experiences of how God is present to you, even in the midst of a crisis,” James Martin, S.J., wrote.