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Michael SimoneOctober 04, 2019
Disciples who can see with Christ’s eyes will find unlimited opportunities to repair the world
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Manuel RuedaOctober 04, 2019
At the upcoming Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon region, the Catholic Church will be discussing the shortage of priests and the growing number of lay people who minister in their stead, with prayer services, Gospel readings and homilies.
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Pope Francis on Friday accepted the resignation of a New Zealand bishop over what church officials said was his “completely unacceptable” sexual behavior with a young woman.
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Almost 1,700 priests and other clergy members that the Roman Catholic Church considers credibly accused of child sexual abuse are living under the radar with little to no oversight from religious authorities or law enforcement.
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JesuiticalOctober 04, 2019
James K. A. Smith tells us to forget what we think we know about St. Augustine.
Bishop Richard J. Malone of Buffalo, N.Y., in 2015. (CNS photo/Tyler Orsburn) 
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America StaffOctober 03, 2019
Bishop Richard Malone said that he welcomes the apostolic visitation, which he said was for the good of the church in Buffalo, and said he would cooperate fully.
Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, relator general of the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon, speaks at a news conference to discuss the synod at the Vatican Oct. 3, 2019. Also pictured is Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, secretary-general of the Synod of Bishops. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
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Gerard O’ConnellOctober 03, 2019
“It is the voice of the local church, the voice of the church in the Amazon—of the church, of the people, of the history and of the very earth, the voice of the earth.... And this has value, it is not fake news,” Cardinal Hummes said.
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The upcoming canonization ceremonies for John Henry Cardinal Newman has become an occasion for Catholic colleges to re-examine the life and purpose of the newest saint for students everywhere.
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Promoting religious freedom, providing humanitarian assistance and fighting human trafficking are three major issues the Vatican and the U.S. administration agree on and on which they will continue to coordinate efforts, panelists said at a joint symposium.
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A Dallas bishop said that the public forgiveness offered by the brother of a murder victim toward the person who killed him was "an incredible example of Christian love."
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Catholic church leaders in Peru have called for an end to political corruption in that country in the aftermath of President Martin Vizcarra's act to dissolve Congress, which subsequently led to a vote to have him removed from office.
Cardinal-designate Michael Czerny is pictured during an interview in Rome Sept. 27, 2019. He described becoming a cardinal as an intensification of an "ongoing mission" of assisting Pope Francis. Cardinal-designate Czerny and 12 others will be created cardinals by the pope Oct. 5. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) 
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Gerard O’ConnellOctober 03, 2019
“Our vocation is to help men and women to live their human lives and to live them to the full,” said Father Czerny. “This is the big mission. This is what it means to preach the Gospel and to bring the Good News to the ends of the earth.”
Cemetery by old church of St George in Reichenau Island, Germany. iStock photo
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Zita Ballinger FletcherOctober 03, 2019
“These options are in no way Christian: to anonymously scatter ashes in nature, air or water; to install an urn in a private home or apartment; to bury remains in a private garden; or to divide ashes into multiple ‘remembrance objects,’” the bishops wrote, also criticizing the trend to convert
Father Ferro visits with a parishioner in San Francisco, Colombia. Photo by David Agren.
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David AgrenOctober 03, 2019
His work is increasingly to support what synod organizers call creating a more “Amazon-like” church. A more Amazon-like church incorporates the customs and sensibilities of the local population, like indigenous spirituality, and promotes new forms of evangelization.
America Media EventsOctober 03, 2019
Please join the New York Press Club and America Magazine for this important discussion.
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John W. MillerOctober 02, 2019
Everybody would get this money, regardless of their wealth or income: you, your mom, Bill Gates. The payments would be made for life.
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Terrance KleinOctober 02, 2019
You just cannot be a disciple of Christ without trying to fly, at least a little, in this life. You must risk letting go.
A member of the Orange Order looks on July 12, 2016, at a temporary blockade put in place by police during the order's annual parade in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Loyalists were commemorating the 1690 defeat of the Catholic King James II by the Protestant Prince William of Orange. (CNS photo/Clodagh Kilcoyne, Reuters)
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The Troubles in Northern Ireland were worsened by the failure to build social bridges between Protestants and Catholics, write Joseph M. Brown and Gordon McCord. The lesson applies to divisions in our own time.
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In speaking at a press conference to launch a new book about the priesthood, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, head of the Vatican's commission for Latin America, expressed doubts whether allowing married priests would be the solution for the clerical shortage in the Amazon.
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Catholic News ServiceOctober 02, 2019
Pope Francis has chosen Archbishop Bernardito Auza, currently the Vatican's representative to the United Nations, as nuncio to Spain.